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The next frontier in modern technology is the “metaverse”. According to The New York Times, Google is working on bringing its own take on the metaverse to eager users. A recent acquisition lets us know that Google is working on its own smart glasses.

These Google smart Glasses could be the company’s take on the metaverse

If you’re in the tech community, you’ve probably been hearing the term “metaverse” repeated ad nauseam. Major tech companies are working on making this the next big thing in tech, whether we like it or not.

These companies are putting more time and effort into virtual and augmented reality tools and applications. We all know about Mark Zuckerberg’s plans for its version of the Metaverse, and it looks like Google is up next to bat.

Back in 2020, the company acquired the company North. This is a tech company that was working on (along with other tech) a pair of smart glasses. These, as you’d typically see in Sci-Fi flicks, would project content onto the lens, creating the appearance that it’s floating in 3D space.

The content might not be completely in virtual reality, but it may be superimposed over your environments. Whether or not that’s particularly useful, it may be impressive to try out.

We may have some information on how the smart glasses will work

Right now, there’s no official word on how Google’s new glasses will work, but they might behave similarly to North’s smart glasses. With North’s glasses, you will navigate the UI using an accessory in the form of a ring. The glasses have a built-in microphone for additional input.

Much like a smartwatch, the glasses would warn you of incoming notifications. Also, which might be one of the sensible uses, you might be able to use them for turn-by-turn navigation. Since we’re only at the tip of the metaverse iceberg, there are a bunch of use cases that we just don’t know yet.

When will we actually see this product?

It’s really hard to say just when we’ll see These Google smart glasses. As stated, North was acquired back in the summer of 2020, so the companies had a year and a half to work on this, so we should hopefully see something come of it relatively soon. We’re all hoping that we’ll see something during CES 2022, but it’s not too likely.

If these Google smart glasses come out, they could be the revival of the Google Glass. Back in 2013, Google gave us a taste of the metaverse; only, it left a bad taste in our mouths. Hopefully, this new version would do a better job at capturing the audience.


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