Huawei teases smart glasses with replaceable lenses powered by HarmonyOS – comments –

Smart glasses


  • Anonymous
  • S6p
  • 24 minutes ago

SamsungRules, 17 hours agonice!! next year is smart glasses trend. I truly hope Google(who bought smart glass maker North) and Meta would release good smart glasses next year with 2023 there would be real ar glasses.

Smart and ar glasses need strong ecosystem and i doubt Huawei or Xiaomi or other Chinese oem could make it but Google and Meta definitely could.


these are rather open ear headphones than smart glasses but yeah give Huawei some hype on their way to the graveyard. Huawei as strong competition will be missed but unnecessary hype won’t be. ✌


  • Anonymous
  • J5s
  • 4 hours ago

What is it smart whit this stuff?
It looks like goggles with BT speakers to me.


So, you attach a headset to a pair of glasses and those become “smart glasses” !!! Is just an audio device! Everything has to be “smart” or “AI” these days to sell….


Great 👍 if it could work in the visual language community.


When people pay to sell their privacy and become even more zombified…


nice!! next year is smart glasses trend.


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