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Take advantage of the publication P50 Pocket Opportunity, Huawei’s wearable products have also been updated. First of all, in the watch section, they brought a brand new Watch D. More specifically, it is actually a wrist ECG blood pressure recorder. It has a built-in micro air pump and a double-layer superimposed narrow wrist airbag, which can achieve a maximum pressure of 40kPa and supports blood pressure measurement from 40mmHg to 230mmHg. The integrated PPG photoelectric sensor can realize the continuous measurement of the fusion pulse wave, allowing users to control their blood pressure conditions 24 hours a day.

At the same time, Watch D is also equipped with an ECG ECG signal acquisition module, and Huawei will also provide users with a one-year free third-party doctor’s online ECG interpretation service. In addition, this product also has common functions of smart watches such as sleep monitoring, and has more than 70 exercise modes. Its AMOLED screen is 1.64 inches in size, has 7 days of battery life and supports wireless charging. Full-featured NFC and IP68 dust and water resistance are also available. In terms of color matching, Huawei has prepared two options of black and titanium. The price of the watch is RMB 2,988, with a deposit discount of RMB 100 at the initial stage. In addition to Watch D, this time Huawei also announced the 2022 Collector’s Edition Watch GT that incorporates elements of the Year of the Tiger. It is available in black and red, and the price is RMB 3,688.


As for the new generation of Huawei smart glasses, it adopts the design of detachable front frame and lens. The frame type has several options such as square, round, and pilot. The temples are made of nylon, with 128mm² open speakers and wind-resistant microphones built in. The new inverse sound field acoustic system can reduce sound leakage by up to 15dB. This product is also equipped with Hongmeng OS, supports dual device connection, and can seamlessly stream audio to other Hongmeng terminals. It can also broadcast the weather, schedule, flight and other information for you by voice. Through the touch gestures on the temples, users can also enable directional voice message sending, listening and recognizing songs, translation and other functions.


In terms of battery life, the new generation of Huawei smart glasses has a 16-hour “comprehensive wearing time”, 4.5 hours of continuous calls, and 6 hours of music listening. When charging, you need to magnetically attach the charger to the end of the temples. After charging for 10 minutes, you can charge the battery for 1 hour of talking or 80 minutes of listening to audiobooks. In addition, the device also has IPX4 waterproof function, and its built-in sensor can also record the user’s head down posture data, and output reports based on this so that you can pay attention to your cervical spine health. The price of the new glasses is RMB 1,699. Like the watches, they will be pre-sold in mainland China starting tonight.


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