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Smart glasses

Today is a rare day that you’ll see me wearing glasses because I usually don’t wear glasses at all. This is the Vue Lite smart glasses and I’ve been using it for quite some time, so let’s unbox it and show you what this pair of smart glasses is all about.

So the Vue Lite is available in a variety of different frames to choose from. On Vue’s website, the Vue Lite is available in a variety of different shapes and even sizes – for low bridge fit.

I chose Leo because I don’t know, it looks good – I guess? And since I don’t need prescription glasses, I just chose sunglasses since I do want a pair of sunglasses to combat the blindingly bright sun.

So, the Leo sunglasses with polarized lenses came.

Inside the box, we get all of these items – the glasses, a soft pouch, a charging cable, a microfiber cloth, and also a user manual.

We’ll put all of those aside and take a look at the glasses first. While I can’t comment on the whole glasses aspect, I can comment on the tech side of things.

This Vue Lite smart glasses is essentially just a pair of TWS earbuds that transformed into the “legs” of these glasses. The speaker is located somewhere near the ear, and the touch area is located at the beginning of the leg.

For the features, we’ll need to whip out the user manual and – it only has two gestures. Double-tapping to play/pause or answer the call – or double-tapping in the camera app to take a picture – and holding it for 3 seconds will trigger voice assistant.

That touch sensor is at the Vue logo.

And yes, the Vue Lite does hair microphones – which you can hear here.

As you can see here, the left and right sides of the “legs” are completely independent of each other. That is why in the Bluetooth menu, there are two Vue Lites that show up.

To turn the Vue Lite on or off, you’ll need to hold the touch area for about 8 seconds or so. You can technically use it one-sided but… that’s just weird.

Okay so enough about the features – how’s the sound quality?
I went in knowing that it won’t sound good for music because the bass is going to be heavily affected – and I was kinda right. It’s not entirely bassless but it just sounds lacking.

However, I was wearing the Vue Lite while I was cleaning my room recently. Yes, it’s weird since I am wearing a pair of sunglasses while cleaning up my room but that’s not the point.

I was listening to some podcasts while wearing the Vue Lite and I have to say – it sounds really good. The frequency of human spoken words sounds clear on the Vue Lite and I think that is its strong point.

There are people that do not like to wear TWS earbuds and this Vue Lite can serve as an alternative. Though, in super cramped up places, anyone that is immediately beside me can maybe hear what I’m listening to.

The volume is dependent on the phone and it’s not particularly loud even at the maximum volume. Hmmm…

And the battery life. This is a complicated one. While I was testing the Vue Lite with a bunch of stuff like music, podcasts, its microphone and whatnot – the battery life dropped 10% within half an hour or so.

As for the charger though, it’s not elegant. The proprietary charging cable is a USB-A to a Y cable that consists of pogo pins and snaps into each side of the glasses’s legs to charge.

This isn’t the most elegant solution though…

Should you buy the Vue Lite?

This is a tough question, honestly. I’ll say that the Vue Lite is a niche product. If you don’t like wearing a smartwatch or a smartband for notifications, then the Vue Lite might be suitable for you.

For example, my mom. She can wear the Vue Lite while she’s in the kitchen and wants to continue her conversation with her friends. That means she doesn’t need to wear yet another pair of TWS earbuds or hold her phone to continue the conversation.

The Vue Lite will literally free her hands. If you already need to wear a pair of glasses anyway, why not pack some tech in it?

The battery life and charging cable is not an elegant solution though I can understand why.

But at the end of the day, the Vue Lite starts at $149 and I think it’s a very low price for a pair of smart glasses – especially when compared with some of the other smart glasses like the Huawei x Gentle Monster that we took a look last year.

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