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Nreal has launched a more compact and cheaper version of its smart glass. Dubbed as Nreal Air glasses, it is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems and will start shipping in December 2021. The price of the smart glass hasn’t been confirmed by the company yet, however, the company has confirmed that it will be relatively cheaper compared to the Nreal Light glasses which costs around $600 (approximately Rs 44,475).
Going by the description of the new smart glass from the company, Nreal Air glasses will feature some similarities with the Light glasses that was launched last year. As far as basics go, the new Nreal Air glasses will feature the same micro OLED display for the AR optics and will connect to smartphones via a cable.
Also, the design will also have some similarities, it’s just that the Air glasses will be a little compact and lighter and look more like the regular glass.
However, Nreal Air glasses won’t feature an outward-facing camera as it’s the case with the original Nreal glass. This means the new glasses can only display apps and other content from the smartphone only. Spatial awareness won’t be available and that makes it only suitable to wear or use when you are indoors.
Another good feature of the Nreal Air glasses is the support for a high refresh rate for the display. The smart glass supports a 90Hz refresh rate to offer a better and more smooth experience. They are also lighter by around 30g compared to the original version.
Nreal Air glasses also come with increased PPD and have 46-degrees FOV. It can also project a 130-inch display size.
The Verge has reported that Nreal Air glasses will initially roll out in Japan, China and South Korea and the company has planned to launch the product in more regions in 2022.
A spokesperson of the company told The Verge that most people use smart glasses to watch movies and shows on their smart glasses and sometimes to browse the web.
If that’s the case the Nreal Air glasses seems to be a viable option for users. Giving them what they want and need. While there are many smart glasses available, Nreal’s take on Air glasses seems to convince a wider audience.


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